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Pichon Slurry Scraper Tanker

We are pleased to be appointed one of Pichon's UK distributors for its slurry scraper tankers.  With 45 years of experience of slurry tanker manufacturing, Pichon launched this specific  tanker a few years ago to scrape slurry directly from the floor of the cow shed.  

The scraper is set underneath the tanker and is made of 2 wings, hydraulically controlled and attached to the central frame.  Each wing of the scraper is controlled independently to ensure maximum efficiency.  As the tanker moves through the shed, the slurry is scraped and naturally gathers in the centre part of the scraper.  A 6" inlet is placed just above this and the slurry is sucked into a 6" pipe going into the tanker itself.  

In order to protect the vacuum pump and decrease maintenance costs, Pichon utilise water cooled vacuum pumps, so the machine can be used intensively but the pump will not overheat as it is permanently cooled.

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