EYS Separator

The EYS Separator is designed to mechanically separate solid and liquid fractions of fibre rich materials like animal manure. The robust design of the EYS Separator handles all types of livestock manure with ease, yielding a high output rate of very dry solids and a liquid fraction containing minimal suspended solids.

Reduce the volume of your slurry by separating into stackable, drop-free solids on one hand and easily spreadable nutrient rich liquids for your agricultural land on the other.

  • A high dry matter compared to Roller Press alternatives
  • Minimal wearing components
  • Stainless steel screen
  • Tungsten face hardened screw
  • Very little maintenance
  • Different size screens available to suit different applications
  • One machine can handle up to 1,500 cows
  • Overall slurry storage requirements decreased due to the reduction in volume
Technical Specification
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